Saturday, September 10, 2016

9/11 Day of Service & Remembrance - What Will You Do?

15 years ago tomorrow, our country was brought down to it's knees with the attacks on the World Trade Towers.

Each year we commemorate/remember/honor in different ways. One friend wears a 3-piece suit, another wears black for mourning, another wears white for hope, and I wear pearls to remember that beauty can surround a bad thing (read about it here).

As we remember, we can also take action to create more beauty in the world by giving back to our world. I encourage, no, I challenge you to take action in some way tomorrow to honor those we lost, those who lost and those who survived.

The how is up to you. You can make a donation of money. You can donate items to a local charity. You can participate in an event. You can pray. You can meditate. YOU decide. You do YOU.

Here are some resources to help you take action:
How will you remember and give back? Share in the comments below.