Tuesday, February 20, 2018

"Five for Five" Playlist Ready for Indoor Cycling Class

This week's playlist features five five-minute sprints with hill's in between.


Friday, February 16, 2018

Triple F Friday - File Five Friday - Jaxtastic Life Minute Clinic

Welcome to the second minute clinic series, Triple F Edition - File Five Friday!!!

This series of clinics will focus on handling papers and things that require filing.

This Friday and every Friday after, with a few exceptions to come, you will file away 5 pieces of paper and ONLY five.

Missing a file folder? Not to worry this just means you have homework. Between now and next Friday, make a file folder and file that item.

You may think that filing away 5 pieces of paper won't be much of an impact but let's do the math:

  • File 5 items every every remaining in February, you will have filed 10 items
  • File 5 items every Tuesday through the 1st quarter end, you will have filed 35 items
  • File 5 items every Tuesday through the 2nd quarter end, you will have deleted 100 items
  • File 5 items every Tuesday through the 3rd quarter end, you will have deleted 165 items
  • File 5 items photos every Tuesday through the end of the year, you will have deleted 230 items
Remember, file 5 and only 5 items. No more, no less.


Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Jaxtastic Life Minute Clinic - Triple T Edition - Trash Ten Tuesday

Welcome to this first Jaxtastic Life Minute Clinic - Triple T Edition - Trash Ten Tuesday

This clinic focuses on the photos on your cell phone.

This Tuesday and every Tuesday after, with a few exceptions to come, you will delete 10 and only 10 photos from your phone.

You may think that 10 photos won't be much of an impact but let's do the math:

  • Delete 10 photos every Tuesday remaining in February, you will have deleted 30 photos
  • Delete 10 photos every Tuesday through the 1st quarter end, you will have deleted 70 photos
  • Delete 10 photos every Tuesday through the 2nd quarter end, you will have deleted 200 photos
  • Delete 10 photos every Tuesday through the 3rd quarter end, you will have deleted 330 photos
  • Delete 10 photos every Tuesday through the end of the year, you will have deleted 460 photos
Grab your phone and look for:

  • blurry photos
  • duplicates
  • bad lighting
Remember, delete 10 and only 10 photos. No more, no less.



Friday, November 24, 2017

Podcast Transcript - Episode 1 - Small Business Saturday - Decadence Row Edition

Small Business Saturday – Long Beach Decadence Row Edition - November 24, 2017

Hello everyone! This is Jax from The Jaxtastic Life. We kick off this initial podcast with Small Business Saturday – Long Beach Decadence Row edition.

Before I jump in, time for full disclosure. I have not been paid by any of these businesses. I’m a customer and fan.

Decadence Row? Just what is decadence row. It’s the unofficial name of the shops on Pine Avenue in downtown Long Beach creating and selling sweet treats and incredible indulgences.

We kick things off with the OG of Decadence Row, Mabel’s Pralines. This was the first place I visited when I moved to Long Beach 9 years ago. Mabel’s pralines are the creamiest most delicious pralines I have ever had. They are the star of our annual tree trimming party and husband and they were in our wedding favor box for our guests.

Next, we move to The Pie Bar. My husband and I discovered this gem during our walks past the storefront seeing it being built and quickly found their Instagram account. My next delight came when I saw the application for their beer & wine license posted on their window. I had fun imagining all the possible beer and wine and pie combinations: stout and chocolate pie, bubbly and peach. Since the opening, just a little over the year ago, I have had the delight to meet Laurie, the owner and several members of her team like Stephanie the lead baker (Go Kings Go!). They are turning out amazing whole pies, pies by the slice, hand pies and cutie pies. This last Christmas, we featured the peppermint pie and s’mores cutie pies at our tree trimming party for the first time.

Onto the next place for sweets, Romeo Chocolates. I had the pleasure of meeting Romeo and his team at a pop-up at The Pie Bar. An amazing collection of chocolates were presented and my husband and I took home a selection and enjoyed every single bite. I immediately started following Romeo Chocolates on Instagram. My joy increased when I learned a storefront was opening just two doors down from The Pie Bar. We’ve been enjoying artisanal Belgian chocolate ever since the opening just a few months ago.

Finally, the newest addition of the decadence row collection…Saints and Sinners Bake Shop. Again, it was fun following the progress of the construction on walks on Pine Avenue and following their Instagram account. We were drawn in to our first Saturday morning visit by a seductive Friday night picture of cinnamon rolls prepped to proof for the morning baking. On Saturday morning we were rewarded with warm cinnamon rolls with oooey gooey cream cheese frosting. If that wasn’t enough awesomeness, the coffee barista made a baby Groot foam decoration on my latte. Seriously, a baby Groot!!! 

On this Small Business Saturday, visit Decadence Row on Pine Avenue in Long Beach to purchase gifts and sweets for your self.

A transcription of this podcast and links to all of the businesses can be found on The Jaxtastic Life blog where we explore living and creating your you-tastic life.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Trash 10 Tuesday - Launches Today!!!

Today launches Trash 10 Tuesday, a FREE weekly challenge to delete 10 photos off of your smart phone.

Grab your smartphone and delete 10 photos TODAY.

Just imagine...if delete 10 photos every week until the end of 2017, you will have deleted 260 photos off of your smartphone.

What are you waiting for?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

One Pot Wonder - Super Chorizo Scramble

These days I'm on the quest for easy meal prep recipes to ensure successful eating during the week.

This happy experiment was not only easy but it was tasty, reaheated well and was liked by all in our home. 

For all you Trader Joe's fans, all the ingredients are easily found all the time.

Super Chorizo Scramble
-5 servings
-4 Smart Points
-approx 20 minutes active cooking time

INGREDIENTS (all from Trader Joe's)
1 bag Frozen cauliflower rice
1 bag Crimini mushrooms
1 package Soy Chorizo (removed from the plastic casing)
1 1/4 c Egg Substitute

STEP 1 - Cauliflower Rice
Pour the entire bag of cauliflower in a large non-stick pan. No oil needed. Stir on occasion. Cook until defrosted and tender to the bite.

Step 2 - Mushrooms
As the cauliflower cooks, chop up the mushrooms.

Step 3 - Cook Mushrooms
Add the mushrooms to the cauliflower. Stir until the mushrooms are soft. 
Note: The cauliflower will start looking grey. Don't worry. The color will improve with the chorizo.)

Step 4 - Chorizo
Add the chorizo and stir frequently. Until chorizo is warmed up.

Step 5 - Egg Substitute
Add the egg substitute. Stir until cooked.

Step 6 - Portion
Divide into 5 containers and enjoy.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Weekend Wednesday #8 - File Papers "Filer's Choice"

Besides being a professional organizer, I am also an indoor cycling instructor. Occasionally, in my classes, I'll set aside a song for "rider's choice." Usually at this point in a class, riders are in one of two places, "feeling strong and can take on the world" or "given all I can give and just need to survive to the end of class." Rider's choice allows one to take control and go where and how they want to go for this song.

So, on this last "official" week of filing papers, I'm calling "filer's choice." This means you get to chose:

  • topic (do you still have tax papers?) 
  • number of papers (don't exceed 20 pieces of paper but do no less than 10)

Preparation Steps

Pre Step 1 - Check your stock of file folders & hanging file folders.
Prep Step 2 - Have Post-It notes on hand.

Action Steps

Step 1 - Gather 10-20 Pieces of Paper to Be Filed
Just pick 10 and only 10.

Step 2 - Start Filing
Stop after you have filed 10 pieces of paper.

Step 3 - Make Any Folders That Are Needed
I recommend a hanging & manila folder system. The substeps are below. Here is where the Post-It notes come in.

     Step 3.1 Make a Manilla Folder - Use a Post-It for the label. This makes it easy for recycling folders.
     Step 3.2 Make a hanging folder - use a Post-It for the label

Step 4 - Assess Your Project
How did it go? Was it easy? Was it hard? Learn from what worked and carry it forward into next week's project. Also learn from what didn't work and avoid it moving forward.

The full list of Weekend Wednesday projects can be found here: 2017 Weekend Wednesday.