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Jax Sargent 
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About Jax
Jax took her first spin class with Eden Paul in 2011 and was immediately hooked by the huge calorie burn and minimal impact to her body. She's been spinning ever since and in 2014 was encouraged by Michelle Bommarito to earn her instructor certification. 

Her lifetime of dancing is invaluable in choreographing classes and her years of teaching enables her to easily connect with her students and guide them on their rides. 

She takes great pride in creating fun yet challenging classes for her students using theme and current hits playlists. 

Jax is a lifetime member of Weight Watchers, successfully losing 72 pounds in 3 1/2 years. This experience gives her the ability to relate to students who struggle with weight loss encouraging them to never give up and that nutrition is an integral part of any fitness goal.

She balances indoor cycling with Instanity classes, TRx workouts and weekend rides on the LA River and San Gabriel River bike paths.

Certifications & Experience
Schwinn Cycling Mpower (with Wattage)
Instructor Certification

American Heart Association
First Aid, CPR and AED

MediFit Part-Time Indoor Cycling.  
Group Exercise Instructor
July 2014 to Present

“Jax makes me forget I’m cycling. I’m instantly transported through her stories into a world where I am having fun, sweating, and I FORGET I’m cycling!!!” - Michelle

"I am writing this to express my appreciation from Jax Sargent who has taught me in her cycling class. It is never my intention to attend a cycling class (except mandated by my spouse)
However, I find Jax cycling class inspires me to deliver my best effort that I can in her class.
She is always attentive to our cycling pose, question and progress in spinning.
Need I say more, she is a great cycling teacher and a good friend who motivate her students to deliver their best." 

"I am a road & track cyclist.  Late last year, I had my knee surgery and was on crutches for 2 months.  When I was finally released by my Orthopedic Surgeon to walk and start some light spinning, I got very excited.  I thought I can just jump back in on my bike and start riding again.  It was a challenge both physically and mentally.  I learned that ‘The Gym’ offers Spin classes and taught by my colleague Jax.  I signed up right away and attended her class.  Jax has been very motivating and inspirational in my recovery and getting back into shape.  I started off by only doing about 50% of the class format and now I am following most of it.  I have always completed her class drenched with sweat and a feeling of accomplishment..   I love her music and how she motivates the class to push harder and dig deeper!" 
- Christina

"I wanted to express my gratitude to both Cycling class teachers Jax and Michelle. I started attending this class as my group moved from BT. I ride bike during spring, summer, fall to commuter express bus from home about 3 mi and from bus to DTV campus.I ride on weekends with DTV fellow riders along the beach. Thanks to this class my physical fitness jumped to the next level. Last weekend I was able to ride uphill from Valley on Sepulveda pass to Sunset and back. And all that thanks great training cycling class by Jax and Michelle." - Val

"Jax's class is as tough as nails, but her friendly demeanor makes you feel welcome and accomplished whether you're pushing the bike to the limit, or just getting a little sweat going.  Via Jax's efforts, I have saved hundreds of dollars on this year's unneeded fat-clothes." -Ronnie

"I am no fan of cardio, however spin class with Jax is always a treat. She makes it fun and challenging, with great song selections and motivating and witty dialogue.  When I leave class, it always seems like the time flew by and I feel stronger gaining a much needed workout. It's always a pleasure." - Toccara

"If you are looking for a great spin workout and an amazing, motivating instructor, Jax is your girl!! I LOVE going to her classes, she encourages you to push yourself throughout the class. Her classes are challenging and fun at the same time and the music is just perfect. She kicks my butt and the work outs always leave me feeling better than what I came in with. Thanks Jax!!" - Zinki

"I've always been intimidated by spin classes.  I finally decided to start and now I'm hooked!  Jax's spin class doesn't feel like a dreadful, impossible workout.  She makes it fun yet challenging, encouraging you to push yourself further each time.  She gives great tips and always exudes positive energy.  And how awesome is it that she takes song requests?!  I always look forward to Jax's spin class every week now." - Shirley

Jax and Mentor, Michelle Bommarito of Michelle Rose Fit

Jax with Doris Thews, Schwinn Master Instructor

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