Saturday, April 22, 2017

One Pot Wonder - Super Chorizo Scramble

These days I'm on the quest for easy meal prep recipes to ensure successful eating during the week.

This happy experiment was not only easy but it was tasty, reaheated well and was liked by all in our home. 

For all you Trader Joe's fans, all the ingredients are easily found all the time.

Super Chorizo Scramble
-5 servings
-4 Smart Points
-approx 20 minutes active cooking time

INGREDIENTS (all from Trader Joe's)
1 bag Frozen cauliflower rice
1 bag Crimini mushrooms
1 package Soy Chorizo (removed from the plastic casing)
1 1/4 c Egg Substitute

STEP 1 - Cauliflower Rice
Pour the entire bag of cauliflower in a large non-stick pan. No oil needed. Stir on occasion. Cook until defrosted and tender to the bite.

Step 2 - Mushrooms
As the cauliflower cooks, chop up the mushrooms.

Step 3 - Cook Mushrooms
Add the mushrooms to the cauliflower. Stir until the mushrooms are soft. 
Note: The cauliflower will start looking grey. Don't worry. The color will improve with the chorizo.)

Step 4 - Chorizo
Add the chorizo and stir frequently. Until chorizo is warmed up.

Step 5 - Egg Substitute
Add the egg substitute. Stir until cooked.

Step 6 - Portion
Divide into 5 containers and enjoy.