Monday, January 21, 2013

Tech Sabbath/Media Fast - Can I Do it? Can You?

This past month, a recurring theme has shown up in my world, the idea of taking a break from tech. This is a bit of an ironic for me because I work in IT (information technology) for a living.

However, I'm curious especially after this idea has shown up not once but three times THIS month. First, I saw "media fast" mentioned in the Apartment Therapy ( January Cure. Today, I was reading the January issue of Sunset Magazine (, and came across an article about a tech free family and it included the theme of tech sabbath. Finally, a few weekends ago, I was driving through a neighborhood where Jewish people were observing the Sabbath by walking to temple and I assume if they were walking to temple I'm sure they were not using any form of electricity, thus taking a break from tech.

It got me thinking, could I totally turn off the tech? More importantly, do I want to? My magazines and some of my books are now on my iPad. The alarm clock that gets me up in the morning is on my iPhone. I'm writing this blog post online. My calendars (yes, I have many) are all online. I record all of my TV on my DVR. I am on a year-long project to scan all of my photos and letting go of the stacks and boxes of photo albums and pictures. I keep in touch with my friends and family via text, email and yes, Facebook.

Maybe there is something to taking a break from tech. It's certainly something I'll need to schedule and prepare for. Part of me is scared to try it. The other part of me is afraid I might like it.

Will you take a tech sabbath/media fast? Have you ever taken one? Share in the comments below.

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