Monday, February 4, 2013

Creating My "February Cure" - Apartment Therapy Inspiration

Inspired by what I was able to accomplish during the Apartment Therapy January Cure, I decided to create a "February Cure" full of tasks for the month.

I started by creating numbered list of 25 tasks to complete in the reamining days of February (2/4 through 2/28).

The list included items I didn't finish in January like hanging pictures (2/13) and some new areas not covered in January like my balcony (2/23) and my car (2/25).

I then let my inner "IT geek" come out and went to the FREE sequence generator at to have it create a random sequence of the numbered tasks.

Now that the planning is done....time to get to work.

I'll be posting each day with my tasks.

Below is my full task list for February.

What plans for your home do you have this month?

2/4Guest Bath-wash walls
2/5Guest bath-wash floors
2/6Master bedroom-purge under-bed crate
2/7Master bath-tub repair on little spot
2/8Master bedroom-purge under-bed crate
2/9Guest Room-Purge closet shelf
2/10Laundry Area-new clips for lid switch
2/11Balcony-wash windows
2/12Master bath-wash walls
2/13Home office-Hang Remaining Pictures
2/14Kitchen-wash floors
2/15Living room-carpet stain spot cleaning
2/16Entry way-wash floors
2/17Laundry Area-new springs
2/18Home office-filing
2/19Dining room-swap candles & crock pot shelves
2/20Home office-scan pictures
2/21Master bath-wash floors
2/22Home office-scan pictures
2/23Balcony-toss all dead plants
2/24Kitchen-clean fridge shelves
2/25Car-trunk light, replace it
2/26Home office-purge office supplies
2/27Master Bedroom-clean/organize sewing/crochet crate
2/28Living room-Purge trunk

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