Saturday, April 27, 2013

Assumptions & Surprises

Today on the train a teenager sat next to me with his headphones on and an iPhone in hand. My thinking immediately went to, "I bet he playing on Facebook or texting or looking through his music." When I finally saw his screen I was totally busted. He was playing chess. 

I smiled because My assumption was challenged.

Now, at my favorite coffee house, Republic of Pie in NOHO, I was busted again. A man came to the table area where I was relaxing and he sat down with his baby fast asleep. I saw his wedding ring and thought, "A the wife will be coming over soon." A few minutes later his partner showed up. Again, I was busted.

I smiled again and reminded myself to be careful of the assumptions I make. They won't always be right.

Have a great weekend and may you have your thinking be challenged over and over again. 

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