Sunday, December 29, 2013

Easy Way to Make Room for the New - Clean Out Your Address Book

This week I have seen the above picture on Facebook several times. It got me thinking about the easiest way to do this without being overwhelmed.

Today, was a rough day and I needed something to do on the train the required minimal materials. 

As I was walking to the train the light bulb showed up! I'll clean our the address book on my phone!

As I started I wasn't ready for the various thoughts and emotions that came up and the actions I took:

  • The "Huh, I don't even know who that is." Action: delete
  • The "haven't had contact with this person in years": 
    • Family member? Action: Schedule time to write/call 
    • Business associate? Action: Connect on LinkedIn & delete from address book, 
    • Old acquaintance? Action: Delete, perhaps send a small prayer to them wishing them well in the world
  • The "Oh, wow can't believe they are gone" Action: delete & send a prayer up to heaven for them.
So, the next time you have some down time, instead of playing Candy Crush, start cleaning out your address book and make room for the new.

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