Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy "Chocolate Covered Anything" Day!!!

Yes, boys and girls, if you were looking for an excuse to cover something in chocolate or to eat something covered in chocolate, today is YOUR day. 

I know, I know. We have chocolate covered strawberries galore since it's the holiday season. But that is just too darn easy.

Up until about 2 or 3 years ago, chocolate covered bacon was a really big deal. But now everyone and their grandmother seems to be making chocolate covered bacon and sadly most have not done it well. 

The very BEST chocolate covered bacon I have ever had was at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company in Seattle at the Pike Market. They cut their bacon down to just one size above bacon bits then pour chocolate all over. You take a bite and the chocolate is blended with the salty and fat of the bacon. 

My very first chocolate covered memories are of chocolate covered cherry cordials. To a child it was heaven. Today, I have "graduated" to the Godiva chocolate covered raspeberries. Ah, heaven.

What are your favorite chocolate covered memories?

Are you skillful at covereing items in chocolate? Share your recipes, tips and tricks!!!

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