Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jax Adventures to Indoor Cycling Certification

This is my home for the next 9 hours for Schwin Indoor Cycling Certification ( at UC Irvine ARC (

So very excited and my fellow students are super nice. (Yes, I'm in the front row and I'm SO not front row person but gotta get the learning.)

Here are my materials. Lots of good stuff for the brain. The bike is for the body.

Finished the first lecture and practice of quick fit and a high-performance fit. As I was putting my shoes back on, I noticed this...Whoopsie!!!

Lectures & 2 challenging (well, challenging to me) rides & an exam and I was officially certified!!!

HUGE thanks to Doris Thews ( for your excellence today!!! I learned so much.

Now...the hard work begins. 

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