Tuesday, April 21, 2015

BONUS POST: Benefits of Garage Sales - Guest Post from Julie G

Normally, when I have items to purge, I donate them to a local charity. However, donations are not the only way to let go of purged items.

My long-time friend, and garage sale expert, Julie G shares the benefits of garage sales. She makes so many great points and has inspired me to consider hosting a garage sale of my very own in the future.

"I like having garage sales because it gives me a opportunity to make a little cash while purging stuff I no longer use, etc. and it helps me to jump start my "spring cleaning".  We did one last month and our friends joined us by bringing some of their stuff over as well. Because they weren't totally organized and they were shocked how much money they made from the stuff they did bring over, they talked us into holding another one (last one) this next Saturday coming up. This time they are going to bring more stuff from their storage unit, etc.

Whatever is left over this time, will be dropped off at Goodwill. Besides the usual yard sale once every two years or so that Dan (my hubby) and I do have, we donate gently used clothes, etc. to the organizations that send postcards via US Mail noting pick up dates throughout the year. 

Benefits of yard sales:
1) cleaning out unwanted/unused items "spring cleaning"
2) earn some extra cash
3) meet more of your neighbors and/or locals in your area
4) get some exercise and enjoy the outdoors (yard sales are a lot of work and can be a workout)
5) giving others an opportunity to purchase something at a lower cost that they may not have been able to purchase otherwise (I take  good care of my clothing and items and I never sell anything that is broken/doesn't work properly)

With proceeds from our last yard sale, we purchased two BluRay players (sold old DVD player) and bought some general gardening/yard stuff we needed for the house.

You would be surprised how much money you can make from just selling items for 25 and 50 cents or $1.00."

So, while looking at the items you have purged as a result of your actions during the Jaxtastic Life Spring Cleaning 30-day Challenge, consider a garage sale as a way to let these items go.

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