Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jaxtastic Life Spring Cleaning 30-Day Challenge - April 26, 2015 – Schedule Books for 2015

Today, we will schedule the books you have in your “To Schedule” space. This is a 15-minute max day.

Step 1 – Set your timer for 15 minutes (and only 15 minutes)
Stick to it.

Step 2 – Gather your “To Schedule” Books & Prioritize
Stack/order your “to schedule” books based on your desire to read them. The book you want to read first should be “on top” and arrange/organize accordingly.
IMPORTANT!!! Don't forget to include your digital books in this prioritization.

Step 3 – Select Your Book Reading Plan
If you start May 1st, you can read up to 18 books by the end of 2015. Below are the 3 frequency options you can take on to schedule your books.

·       Monthly – 8 books
·       Every 3 Weeks – 12 books
·       Every 2 Weeks – 18 books

You will notice that a weekly plan was not included in the above list. A weekly book-reading plan is just not realistic. We want success, not failure.

Step 4 - Wait! I have more than 18 books!!!
If you have the “challenge” of having more than 18 books to read, I would challenge you to let go of the books at the bottom of your list of prioritized books.

I know you have all kinds of reasons for wanting to keep the books. I’ve heard them all.

I challenge you to let go of those books for the following reasons:
1.     If you are meant to read a book, it will come back into your life, some way, some how.
2.     Someone else can benefit from reading the book instead of it collecting dust on your shelf.
3.     You might just be keeping the books for the wrong reasons and the fact that you haven’t ready them should be telling you something.
4.     You are making room for the amazing.

Step 5 - Reflect & Congratulate
Give yourself a pat on the back. You did it!!! Was this hard? Was this easy? Just reflect on how it all went.  Don’t make any of it good or bad. Just observe.

Tomorrow – Motivation Monday


Use the comments area to share your progress, thoughts, hopes, fears, etc. You never know what impact your words will have on someone else.

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