Friday, September 4, 2015

Super September - Launches September 5 - Unleash Your Inner Superhero

Photo Credit: Superhero Collection
Saturday, September 5th kicks off Super September for my indoor cycling classes at KP Pilates Plus in Long Beach, CA and at The Gym at the DIRECTV campus in El Segundo, CA.

I am sharing this with everyone to make the world a super place!!! (Yes, I know it's cheesy. Perhaps that's my superpower.)

A soft-launch took place on September 2nd at KP Pilates Plus with a playlist featuring "super" songs and exploring unleashing your inner superhero.

For the entire month of September, we will look at being a superhero in your life. 

What is our super power? - September 5th Topic
This week we look at what is your superpower. 
Are you a super-goal setter and achiever?
Are you super-organized? Are you super-focused? 
Have you forgotten your superpower? 
How can you unleash that superpower into your life this week?
How can you use that superpower for good and not for evil?

BONUS OPPORTUNITY - Create Your Own Superhero!!!!
Marvel Create Your Own Superhero Game
Do you want to take things to the next level? You can actually create your own superhero with THE authority in superheroes...Marvel. Share your superhero with your friends and family.

Weekly Superhero Exploration
Be sure to follow the Jaxtastic Life blog to explore what it means to unleash your inner superhero.

Spotify Playlists - Jax Sargent Spotify Profile

Want to workout or ride to my class playlists? Go to Spotify to explore my themed playlists. 

how your inner superhero is showing up? Did you conquer a challenge? Did you help someone? You never know who you will inspire. SHARE!!!

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