Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Weekend Wednesday #1 (1/4/17)

Welcome to the launch of Weekend Wednesdays!!!!

Now, before we get bogged down with a "days of the week" discussion, just stick with me or as Uncle Hulka* says it best....

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Weekend Wednesdays is a weekly program of small projects to help you build your organization muscles. Every Wednesday, I will post a project, along with supplies or actions needed to prepare for your weekend work.

WEEKEND WEDNESDAY #1 - Small office desk drawer

Step 1 - Take a before picture.
Step 2 - Pull everything out of the drawer.
Step 3 - Evaluate and purge/move (Used it in the last year? Broken? Not an office item?)
Step 4 - Organize/categorize & replace.
Step 5 - Take an after picture.
Step 6 - Share!!!! Post your before and after pictures on the Jaxtastic Life Facebook page or on Twitter or Instragram. Be sure to use the hashtag #weekendwednesdays

Post your questions on the Jaxtastic Life Facebook page.

Want to look ahead? The full list of 2017 weekend projects is available here.

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*Who is Uncle Hulka? Look it up kids!

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