Thursday, April 5, 2018

April 5, 2018 - Three Pass Thursday - Kick-Off - Prep Week

Today, we kick off “Three Pass Thursday.” You are already trashing 10 pictures every Tuesday and filing 5 items every Friday.

Now, we wil kick off playing with the “three pass” technique. This technique can be applied to any space.

This week we prepare for the three passes. The only thing you need to do, between now and next Thursday, is select the space. It can be a desk drawer, a shelf, your car, a section of a closet or anywhere that needs decluttering. Also, select a space away from the declutter space in which you can work. 

The following weeks look like this…

  • April 5 - Prep Week - select manageable space & work area
  • April 12 - Pass 1 - “Touched/worn/used in the last year?"
  • April 19 - Pass 2 - “Still fit your body/lifestyle?
  • April 26 - Pass 3 - “Do you love it?”

So, select your declutter space and the working space and we will explore Pass #1 on April 12th.

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