Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Survive or Evolve?

This morning the alarm went off and I was ready to say in bed instead of heading to the gym for a workout. "The voice" in my head had a perfectly logical argument for sleeping in another hour and skipping the workout.

Thankfully, I asked myself, "Do I want to merely survive or do I want to evolve?"

I chose to evolve, get out of bed and have a kick-ass workout.

This survive/evolve question came from a presentation months ago by a SVP at work, Phil Goswitz. His presentation was entitled "Satellites and Marathons." Not only did Phil talk about satellites but also about how approaching training for marathons can be applied to ones life.

He mentioned that each morning when you are going to train, you can chose to stay in bed which is a survival mechanism or you can chose to evolve get out of bed and do the work.

At the time of the presentation I didn't know how it would apply to my life. Today, I applied this approach in my life and I'm forever grateful to Phil for helping me stick to my plan of losing the last 9.4 pounds to hit my goal weight of 160.

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