Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The White Fabric Napkin Effect

Earlier this year I decided to move away from paper napkins and only use fabric napkins. I purchased sets of white napkins from Home Goods. I gave them a good washing and then put them into service.

It took me about a week to get accustomed to using a fabric napkin, no matter what was being eaten. Now it's second nature and I don't miss the paper.

The happy side effect is that my guests are impressed and I graciously accept their compliments. Another happy side effect is that I'm saving money by not constantly purchasing paper napkins.

Now, don't be totally impressed. My paper napkin habit wasn't completely broken. I still was guilty of using paper napkins at work. I was very proud to be using "real" plates & utensils but for some odd reason, I never carried the "real" to napkins.

Fast forward to today. As I was packing my lunch, I grabbed a stack of fabric napkins and felt quite proud of myself as I walked to the train to work. Yes, I'm a big fan of public transportation but that's for another blog post.

An interesting thing happened today at lunch. I noticed that I felt a little more special, as if I was at a beautiful restaurant instead of the work lunchroom. I sat a little taller and ate a little slower.

All of this civility because of a little square of fabric.

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