Monday, January 2, 2012

Efficiency or Coldness - My Love Afair With My DVR

Have I shared how much I love my DVR (well any DVR)? I love it but I don't "llllloooovvveeee" it. (Bonus points to whoever can name that movie reference.)

It was today as I was watching the recorded Rose parade that I found myself fast forwarding through the "dead spots" between floats and bands. I also fast forwarded through the marching bands. I admit zooming past the bands was a bit cold but there is a limit to how many times I want to hear about the fundraising done by the bands to make it to the parade. I was on the dance drill team in my high school days so "been there done that" in the area of band fundraisers. I did watch the dogs surfing. I'm not made of stone.

After I finished the parade, I thought back to the other lllooonnnggg event of recent times, the royal wedding of the Duke & Duchess of Camberidge. I recorded that bad boy. Watching the wedding was fantastic. Procession of the forward. Procession of the bride and her father. Opening forward. You get the gist.

I watched the Rose Parade in less than an hour.

I watched the royal wedding in 35 minutes.

Effeciency or coldness?

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