Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MINI SPRING CLEANING: 15-Minute 3 Areas Challenge

Now that spring will be here this week, what about taking on a mini spring cleaning plan?

This past Sunday I decided to take on something from my Professional Organizer days. I would advise my clients to only work on projects/areas for 15 minutes in a given day, no more, no less. They thought I was crazy until I shared the below benefits.

Why only 15 minutes?
#1 - It's a nice small chunk of time.
#2 - It's enough time to make an impact on what you are working.
#3 - It's better than 16 and luckier than 13.
#4 - You avoid burn out.

I chose 3 areas of my home life that were in need of some attention: paperwork, housekeeping and self-pampering. You'd be amazed at what doesn't get done when you live alone and no one sees your space.

I then set my alarm for 15 minutes and tackled each area. When the duck quacked I stopped. I wanted to continue but I stopped. I was on a roll but I stopped.

Last night, I did the same thing. 15 minutes in each area and stopped. I wanted to do more but I stopped. I realized that in the past 2 nights, I got more done in each area in those two nights than I might do in a month of avoiding the work.

Be aware that when you start this you will encounter the following:
-Life will get in the way. People will show up and want your time. Other "things" will vie for your attention. Stay the course.
-You'll want to go longer than 15 minutes. DON'T do it. Avoid the burn out of a 2-hour "marathon" session.
-You might even get sick. Be gentle with yourself, heal and resume the plan once you are physically better.

Leave comments on how you are progressing and what is showing up. I guarantee that you will get more done in these small chunks of time than "marathon" sessions that will just burn you out.

Good luck and great success!!!!

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