Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seminar Revisit #1: Create a Personal Board of Directors

I have the great fortune at my job that there is a women's affinity group that has an amazing speaker series where people from inside and outsid the company share their wisdom and greatness.

As I was doing some spring cleaning I found notes for an amazing presentation from last June. I quickly typed my notes into my Evernote account. I then came across many other Evernote entries from other seminars and realized that those themes and actions have laid dormant for months, and sometimes years.

It got me wondering, what would my life and career look like if I took action and kept those themes and ideas fresh?

Thus, the plan of sharing, on The Jaxtastic Life, one of the themes or actions every week so that they are fresh for me and are useful to you.

Action #1 - Create a Personal Board of Directors

I received this wonderful nugget from a seminar led by Cindy Yantis, author of Cashmere Glove: The Feminine Approach to Business

What is a personal board of directors?
A personal board of directors is a group of people you identify as those who can support and guide you to your goals, both personal and professional.

Your board of directors can consist of people who:
  • have strengths in areas where you want to grow
  • are very wise
  • are successful in something you want to be doing
  • are just plain, down right, honest  
  • want to see you succeed
  • will be your accountability "coach"
The exciting thing about creating your very own personal board of directors is that YOU get to chose the people. The "scary" thing is that YOU have to do the work.

Start identifying the people who will make up your personal board of directors today. Then start talking to them and sharing your struggles, goals, hopes and dreams. More importantly, share what actions you are going to take regarding those struggles, goals, hopes and dreams.

They will be your wisest advisors, biggest cheerleaders and toughest coaches.

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