Monday, February 25, 2013

Life Showing Up - A Sign to Adjust Your Sails?

A few weeks ago, just before the start of Lent, I posted about what I was giving up ( Weekday TV Fasting) what I was taking on (Daily Blog Posts) for Lent.

About a week after Lent began, life showed up and put a halt on these activities.

You probably notice this has happened to you when you have set a goal. Life shows up in the form of an injury or a tough work deadline or a family emergency or some other form of "life."

Taking a break from your goal is sometimes needed so that you can take care of "life."

Once "life" is handled you have options:
  • Return to your goal
  • Modify the goal 
  • Let it go completely
The last 2 options should always be considered. This flavor of "life" showing up could be a sign telling you to adjust your sails OR to abandon ship.

Where are you in your 2013 goals? Full steam ahead? Adjusting course? Abandoning ship?

1 comment:

EJ said...

Thanks Jax! Now I know I'm not alone and definitely adjusting course.