Monday, August 19, 2013

Four-fers and Alaska

I love two-fers. Three-fers are better. But a four-fer...well that is gravy.

As I was preparing to launch my series of posts about the excellent Alaska cruise I took with Joe, my boyfriend, I revisited the list of You-tastic elements to see if I had covered any on the trip.

I was very happy to see that 4 of the 5 You-tastic elements were covered. Yes, it was by luck but I'll take them any way I can.
  • Find AND enjoy what lights you up I LOVE to travel and the cruise and pre-cruise Seattle sight-seeing checked that box.
  • Always keep learning & growing: I learned on this trip that musher dogs are no longer the fluffy Huskies. This was one of many new things I learned through out the time in Seattle, Alaska and Victoria.
  • Give back: I didn't hit this one but you could stretch it that by my visiting each port and spending money there that I "gave back" to the communities. (I know, a bit of a "weak sauce" connection. That's why I didn't count it.)
  • Make room for the amazing: Hello! I was in Alaska!!! At almost every turn, there was the amazing showing up on this trip.
  • Relax - This is a no-brainer on a cruise ship. 
Have you experienced You-tastic elements in any of your summer travels?

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