Monday, August 26, 2013

Insanity & Spin - Conditioning for a Move...Who Knew?

This past Saturday, my boyfriend and I merged households which involved more than 6 total hours of lifting & moving boxes & furniture and such.

I was expecting to wake up on Sunday in pure agony and not be able to lift my arms or move anything.

Instead, I woke up surprised that I was just a little tight knowing I did some physical work but I was in no pain.

It then dawned on me that that all of the work I've done in 6am Insanity and Spin classes for the past two months basically conditioned my body to handle this hard physical work. 

My initial motivation for taking these classes and working so hard was to keep my weight in check.

Who knew that Insanity and Spin would set me up for success in other unexpected ways.

What happy surprises have you encountered as a result of focusing on a particular goal?

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