Monday, April 13, 2015

Jaxtastic Life Spring Cleaning 30-Day Challenge - April 13, 2015 – Action & Keep Folders

Today we continue looking at paperwork as we take action with our Action and Keep folders and only in 15-30 minutes. And, let’s not forget our daily mail routine.

Step 1 – Review your Goal
What goal did you set Wednesday? Read it, feel it, own it.

Step 2 – Set your timer for 15-30 minutes MAX
Again, when the timer goes off, STOP!!!!


Step 3 – Grab Mail & Go to 4 Paper Spaces – Remain Standing
Use bins or just pieces of paper to mark the spaces.

Step 4 – Stand Up and Sort Through Your Mail
Yes, you are going to stand through the sorting process.
Place items in their respective spaces.
Don’t do anything else, just sort.

Step 5 – Trash/Recycle Items
Re-review the trash/recycle items to ensure they can be recycled/trashed.
Then place the items in the trash/recycle bin.

Step 6 – Shred Items
Re-review items to shred to ensure they can be shredded.
Turn the shredder on, if you have one, and shred away.

Step 7 – “Keep” Items
Place items in Keep folder.
We will look at what to do with a Keep folder in one of the later steps.

Step 8 – “Action” Items
Place items in the Action folder.
If the item has a deadline, put it at the top of the items in the folder.
We will also look at this Action folder in the later steps for today.


Step 9 – Review Action items & Schedule Action
Schedule your action IN your calendar.
Does anything have a deadline? Schedule those things first.

Step 10 – Take Action – 1 Item ONLY
Pick 1 “easy” item that you can take care of right now.


Step 9 – Review Keep items & Scan

Do you have anything that can be scanned then shredded/trashed? Scan it and shred/trash.
Ensure you have an organized digital folder/organized system.

Here’s a great article about that in Apartment Therapy:

Step 10 – Review Items & Confirm Why
Are you keeping any of the items out of guilt, sentimentality and any other legal/business reason?
Consider shredding/trashing them.

Remember these guidelines for keeping documents.
Always check with your tax, accounting, legal professional if you are unsure about whether or not to keep, or shred something.
·       Action – invitations, bills, permission slips, etc
·       Keep – legal documents, pictures, etc
·       Shred – anything with your personal information
·       Trash/recycle – anything without your personal information (i.e. store ads)
Here are 2 great resources with additional guideline information:

Step 11 - STOP – When the Timer Goes Off
REALLY!!!! STOP!!!! I don’t care if you are in a groove. I don’t care if you are having fun. STOP!!!!

Step 12 – Celebrate
Give yourself a pat on the back, no matter where you are in your progress. Just showing up is 80% of the game.

Tomorrow – WrapUp & Forward Plan


Use the comments area to share your progress, thoughts, hopes, fears, etc. You never know what impact your words will have on someone else.

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