Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jaxtastic Life Spring Cleaning 30-Day Challenge - April 17-19, 2015 – Reset Sunday

Today is Reset Sunday. We are going to look at elephants but in a different way.

Instead of eating the elephant, we are going to look at the elephant in the room.

I have missed two days of posting and emailing and supporting everyone in their Spring Cleaning 30-Day Challenge.

Life has shown up and I have choices:
·       Get back on the proverbial horse and return to posting & emailing
·       Stop the 30-day challenge

Today, I chose to get back on the horse and return to posting & emailing.

Back in 2013, found myself in a similar situation of setting a goal and then “life” showed up and  I was failing to be successful in the pursuit of the goal.  This experience inspired me to write a post about it: Life Showing Up - A Sign to Adjust Your Sails?

I have good news and I have bad news…..

The bad news is life this will ALWAYS show up in your life when you are pursuing goals, not matter how big or small.

The good news is that if life is showing up then you are playing big.. You can lean from these “life showing up moments,” make your choice and continue to create a You-tastic life in whatever form YOU chose.

Quotes & Inspiration "Stash"
At times like this, I turn to my “Quotes & Inspiration” board in Pinterest. Here are a few that inspire me and I hope they inspire you to keep at it.



Next Steps for the Storage Clutter Week

Step 1 – Review your Goal
What goal did you set Wednesday? Read it, feel it, own it. OR, do you need to change it based on what you have learned about this past week?

Step 2 – Set your timer for 15 minutes MAX
Today is a light day looking at how you did and how you will approach the next few days.

Step 3 – Evaluate your progress
You might notice some thinking/belief patterns show up that are getting in the way of your progress.
How is your progress towards the goal you created on Wednesday?
What is working?
What isn’t working?

Don’t judge yourself. Just observe and note what worked and what didn’t work.

Step 4 – Plan for rest of the week 
We have 2 more days of working with our storage clutter.
-Sorting Sessions
-Holding Space Handling
-Donations/Selling Handling

Step 5 - STOP – When the Timer Goes Off
REALLY!!!! STOP!!!! I don’t care if you are in a groove. I don’t care if you are having fun. STOP!!!!

Step 6 – Celebrate
Give yourself a pat on the back, no matter where you are in your progress. Just showing up is 80% of the game.

Tomorrow – Storage Action


Use the comments area to share your progress, thoughts, hopes, fears, etc. You never know what impact your words will have on someone else.

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