Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Jaxtastic Life Spring Cleaning 30-Day Challenge - April 7, 2015 – WrapUp, Reflect & Forward Plan

Today we wrap up approaching clothing/shoes. This is the day we will close this topic, reflect on how it went and what you felt and then finally we will create a forward plan (unless you dealt with ALL of your clothes/shoes).

Step 1 – Set your timer for 15-30 minutes MAX
Decide on your time and stick to it.

Step 2 - Reflect
Give yourself a pat on the back. You did it!!! Was this hard? Was this easy? Are you sad about the items you placed in the “Donation” or “Holding Space”? Just reflect on how it all went.  Don’t make any of it good or bad. Just observe.

Step 3 – Forward Plan
You have options in your journey:
·         Move onto Tomorrow’s Topic: Paperwork Clutter
·         Keep Focus on Clothing/Shoes: Schedule 4 days, starting Wednesday, April 8 for the below:
o   Return to the next topic: Storage Clutter on April 15.

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4/2 – Wunderlist:  https://www.wunderlist.com/ This is a handy FREE website and mobile app I used to create checklists to keep on top of activities I need to handle.

4/3 – Everynote:  https://evernote.com/ This is a handy FREE website and mobile app I track pretty much everything. It is handy for taking a picture of your tax donations and then posting notes with it. I will share more about how I use Evernote later in this challenge. There is a free version and you can pay for the premier. I have the premiere and it is worth EVERY penny.

4/4 –  12 Tips On Staying Inspired | Visual.ly - 12 VERY Simple Steps to Stay Inspired - I have this saved in my Pinterest "Quotes & Inspiration Board." Enjoy!

4/5 – Decisive by Chip Heath and Dan Heath http://heathbrothers.com/books/decisive/
This is a fantastic book looking at how we make decisions and how we can make better decision.  You can read the first chapter for free through the website.

4/6 - Hellen Buttigieg http://weorganizeu.com/ Hellen is my organizing role model. I first discovered Hellen on HGTV’s show Neat and have been following her ever since. If you sign up for her emailing list, you can get a FREE ebook “7 Habits – That Rob You of Your Time, Energy and Inner Peace (and How to Dissolve Them).” She is also on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/HellenButtigieg/

4/7 – Shopping List App (by hensoft) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/shopping-list-free-grocery/id365189604?mt=8 I use this FREE app and it has changed my world. I can create a list on either my iPad or my iPhone and the entries sync between the devices. You can also have multiple users access lists. I can enter items and my fiancé can see them on his phone. 

Tomorrow – Paperwork Clutter KickOff

Use the comments area to share your progress, thoughts, hopes, fears, etc. You never know what impact your words will have on someone else.

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