Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Weekend Wednesday #3 - another office drawer with step-by-step pictures

Week #3 - Another Office Drawer - With Step by Step Pictures

We are still in the office this week taking care of our drawers.

Below is my office drawer journey. Play along with your own desk drawer.

STEP 1 - Take a before picture (if you dare)

Here is my before picture of my actual desk drawer at work.

Step 2 - Pull everything out of the drawer and group like with like.

Everything was in that little drawer.
Step 3 - Review and make decisions: keep, trash, move.
Everything categorized: trash, move, keep.

TRASH: Old receipts, small paperclips (which I HATE),
old pens and old "thank you" notes (will buy new ones).
MOVE: I'm paperless so I didn't need the binder clips or letter opener. They got moved to the central office supply center on our floor. I gave the book to a colleague. The microphone got placed with the rest of the AV equipment.
KEEP: Ensured I only had items that
were working/useful and needed.
SUB-SORTING: I even "sub-sorted" my push pins.
I only kept a small subset of my favorite color.
Again, I'm paperless so only a few push-pins are needed.

 Step 4 - Replace the "keeps" into drawer, like with like.

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