Sunday, January 29, 2017

When "Life" Shows Up - Give Up or Learn?

You might be wondering what happened to Weekend Wednesday #4 and the weekend project.

Well, "life" showed up in the form of a new project with a new client. While thrilled for the opportunity, I let it be a distraction keeping me from my commitment to the Weekend Wednesday 2017 program.

Give Up?
Now, I can sit here and justify it or beat myself up about it or just plain give up on the new project and the Weekend Wednesday 2017 program.


I can use this as a learning opportunity and assess how to proceed. 

Review Goals & Priorities
First, I paused and took a look at the big picture of my goals, priorities and current projects and activities. Fortunately, Weekend Wednesday and the new project both fit the big picture. 

Maintain Quality?
Second, I assessed my schedule to determine if I had to time to see if I could maintain the new project work at top quality as well as keep up the quality of the Weekend Wednesday program. Happily, there is room.

Done Is Better Than Perfect
Third, I remembered the wise words I read in Sheryl Sandburg's book, Lean In, "Done is better than perfect." I then crossed out the 1/28 Weekend Wednesday project on the overall 2017 projects list and will move foward with the program. 

Go Foward Plan
Finally, I created a game plan that is doable going forward that includes some wiggle room for future "life" instances showing up. Yes, I know that one can't plan for everything but one can be ready for some things.

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