Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Weekend Wednesday #5 - Office Supply/Shelf Area

As I mentioned in my last post ("When Life Shows Up - Give Up or Learn?") Weekend Wednesday #4 has been cancelled so we kick off February with Weekend Wednesday #5 - Decluttering & Organizing an Office Supply area or Self.

Below are the preparation and weekend steps you will take to tackle an office supply area of office shelf.

Step 1 - Preparation - Select the Area
Either in your home or work office area, find a shelf or office supply area that needs some help.

Here are my "before" pictures. Yes, I have supplies in 2 separate places. This will be fun.

Step 2 - Preparation - Recycle, Trash and Move
Ensure that you have recycle and trash bins to capture what you will no longer need to keep. Also designate an area for items that will move. This movement can be donation or give away.

Step 3 - Weekend Work - Clear the Area
Take everything off/out of the area you have already designated.

Step 4 - Review & Analyze
Pick up each item and decide if you want to keep it, trash it or move it. For the "keeps" group them like-with-like. Immediately, put the "trash" items in a trash bin* and the "recycle" items in a recycle bin. There is no need to create a new pile of "stuff."

Step 5 - Schedule "Move"
Grab your calendar and schedule a time when you will handle the "move" items. It might entail taking the items to your friend/family member (if they indeed want the items). Schedule that time in your calendar. It might entail taking the items to a donation center. Schedule that time as well.

Step 7 - Return Keep Items To Shelf
As you return the items, ensure you put like-with-like and that you are able to see everything you have.

Step 8 - Assess Your Project
How did it go? Was it easy? Was it hard? Learn from what worked and carry it forward into next week's project. Also learn from what didn't work and avoid it moving forward.

The full list of Weekend Wednesday projects can be found here: 2017 Weekend Wednesday.

*NOTE: If any of the "trash" items are "hazardous/electronic" waste (like batteries or toner etc) be sure to properly dispose of them at an authorized household hazardous waste center. Each city has a website for household/electronic waste information. The Long Beach, CA link is here: Long Beach Recycles.

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