Friday, February 10, 2017

Weekend Wednesday #6 - File 10 Pieces of Paper

This week, and for the rest of February, we will take on filing papers.

We all have the pile of papers that need filing. Well, this is your chance to take them on.

This weekend, you will file 10 papers.

Preparation Steps

Pre Step 1 - Check your stock of file folders & hanging file folders.
Prep Step 2 - Have Post-It notes on hand.

Action Steps

Step 1 - Gather 10 Pieces of Paper to Be Filed
Just pick 10 and only 10.

Step 2 - Start Filing
Stop after you have filed 10 pieces of paper.

Step 3 - Make Any Folders That Are Needed
I recommend a hanging & manila folder system. The substeps are below. Here is where the Post-It notes come in.

     Step 3.1 Make a Manilla Folder - Use a Post-It for the label. This makes it easy for recycling folders.
     Step 3.2 Make a hanging folder - use a Post-It for the label

Step 4 - Assess Your Project
How did it go? Was it easy? Was it hard? Learn from what worked and carry it forward into next week's project. Also learn from what didn't work and avoid it moving forward.

The full list of Weekend Wednesday projects can be found here: 2017 Weekend Wednesday.

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