Saturday, May 24, 2014

Red Scarf Project - Baby Steps Back to Crochet

I have to be very careful on holiday weekends. My mind goes crazy thinking of all the things I can accomplish with a long holiday weekend. So far, I've been keeping things in check his holiday weekend. (Ok, I made ice cream today but that is another blog post.)

Lately, I've been thinking about crochet. It's something that I have enjoyed but I've been away from it for quite a while. 

Today, I wanted to kick off a project. I was all over the place. Make a blanket? Hat? Attempt a sweater for the first time? 

My mind then went to crocheting for a cause. I thought of a prayer shawl. As I was looking at yarn I was continuously drawn to red yarns. 

Then it hit me! The Red Scarf Project for Foster Care to Success:

It's the perfect project. It's compact so I can easily take it on the train. It has a deadline, scarves have to be sent in between September 1 & December 15. 

The yarn has been ordered and I am so excited to return to a favorite hobby and to do it for a good cause.

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